Journey Into The Desert

By: Brown John

Code: 9780199109227

Loc: 12y13

In "Journey into the Desert", we make an adventure-filled trip through one of the harshest, yet most spectacular habitats on Earth - the Sonoran Desert of southern USA. We encounter a host of hardy animals and plants that have found the most extraordinary ways of coping with the extreme conditions: a lizard that squirts blood from its eyes, scorpions that glow in the dark, a latter-day dinosaur with a venomous bite, cactuses as tall as houses. The vivid first-person account is illustrated by the author's own breathtaking scenery: vast, ancient volcanoes and rocky canyons that are etched deep into the Earth's surface. John Brown is a wildlife cameraman who has worked all over the world. His travels have taken him from freezing Arctic to steaming rainforest, and from tropical islands to baking-hot deserts, where he has filmed a huge variety of extraordinary wildlife. He lives in Oxfordshire.



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