Italian Verb Drills 4th Edition (Old Edition)

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Paola Nanni-Tate
McGraw Hill
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Get the expert instruction you want and the practice you need with the conjugation of Italian verbs-with bonus online interactive exercises

The conjugation and use of Italian verbs often poses considerable difficulties to students of the language. Italian Verb Drills, 4th Edition helps you overcome these obstacles, so that you can confidently use verbs when expressing yourself in Italian. You'll learn how the Italian verb system works and find numerous exercises for you to master each point covered. This updated edition includes access to the McGraw-Hill Language Lab app, bonus flashcards, an auto-fill glossary, and interactive exercises to help you assess your skills.

This valuable guide features:

Clear explanations of conjugations followed by numerous exercises
An accessible drills format to help you focus on verbs without the distractions of grammar
A bonus Language Lab app that lets you assess your skills
Flashcards, an auto-fill glossary, and more

SKU: 9781260010640
Publisher:  McGraw Hill
Format: Paperback
Edition: 4th edition
Country of Publication: New York, New York (State)
Publication Date: 
Size: 262 x 206 x 10

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