New Jerusalem Bible Pocket Edition

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Darton, Longman & Todd
The New Jerusalem Bible is recognised as one of today's most accurate, clear and modern translations, the fruit of long collaboration between leading biblical scholars. This handy-sized Pocket Edition presents the New Jerusalem Bible in an easily accessible and manageable form suitable for everyone. It contains the full Bible, with special features to help you understand and navigate the text: A Glossary, with verse references, explaining key terms and themes A Chronological History, showing biblical events against contemporary world rulers and dynasties An Index of Persons, with verse references Brief Introductions to every book Almost 200 Footnotes on key words and concepts
SKU: 9780232518900
Publisher:  Darton, Longman & Todd
Format: Hardback
Pages: 1463
Edition: Pocket Edition
Country of Publication: London, United Kingdom
Publication Date: 
Size: 146 x 101 x 42

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