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FOR BOTH HIGHER AND ORDINARY LEVEL NEW EDITION of this market-leading textbook with a special focus on the 2018/2019 compulsory documents study Government, Economy and Society in the Republic of Ireland, 1949–89 including a FREE Documents Resource Book. Covers four popular syllabus topics, two of which students must select for study: Movements for Political and Social reform, 1870–1914 The Pursuit of Sovereignty and the Impact of Partition, 1912–49 Government, economy and Society in the republic of Ireland, 1949–89 Politics and Society in northern Ireland, 1949–93 New! Summary Charts aid revision and essay-writing Exam-focused approach highlights key personalities and key concepts New! review Questions throughout each chapter and updated end-of-chapter exam questions reflect the latest exams, aid revision and encourage analysis CaSe Studies New! documents-based Questions after each case-study document for immediate student response and class collaboration New! review questions and further documents-based questions at the end of each case study New! Free Modern Ireland Documents Resource Book the perfect companion to the Modern Ireland textbook. Together they help students to achieve their maximum potential through active and effective learning. Includes a complete guide to the research Study Modern Ireland together with its companion Modern Europe and the Wider World provide students with their essential texts for Leaving Certificate History. DIGITAL RESOURCES New! additional resources for Modern Ireland are available on gillexplore.ie, our new smart, reliable and easy-to-use resources platform: • worksheets for student analysis of videos • Twostructuredessay answers • Past exam questions by topic • Webresourcelist Free eBook with this textbook! Your unique code is on the inside front cover. • Includes valuable videos and weblinks for further investigation • Enables searching, note-taking, highlighting and bookmarking • Contains links to etest.ie for updated etests for all topics, useful for homework and revision.

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