By: Hayes, Charles

Publisher: Gill And Macmillan

Code: 9780717139217

Loc: 16R07C

Shortcusts to Success History focuses carefully on what is asked in Junior Certificate History exams. \nIt is crisp, to the point and presented in clear, straightforward language. Covers the entire course in beautifully illustrated pages. Contents 1. Investigting the Past 2. Life in the Roman Empire (an ancient civilisation outside Ireland) 3. Ancient Ireland 4. Early Christian Ireland 5. The Middle Ages 6. Monks and Friars 7. The Renaissance 8. Exploration and Discovery 9. The Reformation 10. Plantations in Ireland 11. Revolution in America: 1775-1881 12. The French Revolution: 1789-1799 13. Revolution in Ireland: 1798 14. The Agricultural Revolution 15. The Industrial Revolution 16. The Transport Revolution 17. Ireland in the mid-nineteenth century 18. The Home Rule Crisis in Ireland: 1910-1914 19. The Easter Rising and after: 1916-1918 20. War of Independence and Civil War: 1919-1923 21. Cummann na nGaedheal in power: 1923-1932\n22. Fianna Fáil in Government: 1932-1948 23. The Inter-Party Government: 1948-1951] 24. From 1950 onwards\n25. Northern Ireland: 1920-2000 26. Dictatorships - an introduction 27. Fascist Italy 28. The Nazis take power in Germany\n29. Hitler's Five Steps to War 30. World War II 31. The Super-powers and the Cold War: 1945-1991 32. Social change in twentieth-century Ireland. \n \n\n\n\n



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