Active Maths 1 (Set) 2nd Edition (Free eBook)

By: Keating, Mulvany, O'loughlin

Publisher: Folens Publishers

Code: 9781780909806

Loc: 02B07

Active Maths 1 has been revised to suit the NCCA’s new Junior Cycle Maths curriculum- ‘Project Maths’ is now just ‘Maths’. There are still five strands, but they have changed slightly: Unifying strand - brand new strand incorporating all of the below- a series of mathematical ways of thinking and working to be taken into account through the cycle. Number strand. Geometry and trigonometry strand. Algebra and functions strand. (previously these were separate) Statistics and probability strand. Includes 6 elements across the strands: Building blocks; Representation; Connections; Problem solving; Generalisation & proof; Communication. Promotes the development of the Junior Cycle Key Skills.



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