Publisher: Folens Publishers

Code: 9781841318134

Loc: 16T29C

A Tempo - provides students with a basic introduction to music and equips them with many of the skills needed for the Junior Certificate course.A list of topics is provided at the beginning of the book. Teachers can progress through the book chapter by chapter, or, using this list, tackle individual topics in whatever order they wish. There are more than 100 graded sets of exercises. Tests at the end of each chapter in A Tempo examine all the key topics covered in the chapter. The two CDs accompanying the book feature melodic and rhythmic dictation, with graded exercises in every chapter. Music analysis sections cover the historical periods of music, instruments of the orchestra, Irish music and other genres of music. All analysis sections include musical excerpts to give students an appreciation of the music they are studying. This book features specially arranged backing tracks for recorder/tin whistle and specially arranged songs, in a graded order of difficulty. A Tempo includes music projects are also included to teach students how to compose and to show how music is used in everyday life. \n



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