Julius Caesar and Free Portfolio Book (Free eBook)

By: Educate

Publisher: Educate.ie

Code: 9781912725588

Loc: 02B12

An accessible, engaging edition for both students and teachers written specifically to meet the outcomes of the Junior Cycle English specification. Features inlude: Free ebook version of the book. Fully annotated play text. Simple modern English translation is provided for unfamiliar terms, while brief in-line margin notes and commentary explain more complex plot points and historical references. All scenes are introduced with clear learning intentions, a summary of the action and bank of useful terms. A wealth of creative activities, both at the end of scenes and in the accompanying portfolio book, assists students in engaging with the world of the play and allows teachers to quickly and easily assess their progress. In-depth analysis and examination information prepare students for their written paper with clear guidance on approaching drama questions, informed by the most recent exams. This beautifully illustrated edition helps students to achieve many of the learning outcomes for Junior Cycle English through the study of a prescribed play.



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