Ways to Wellbeing Student Workbook

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The Ways to Well-Being workbook is designed to help 15-18 year olds explore how to maintain their own sense of well-being, leading to improved academic outcomes in school and a sense of accomplishment in life. This workbook may be used to accompany the well-being programme delivered by teachers or used independently by the young person. The content is designed around five core areas of life which affect well-being; Our relationship with life Relationship with emotions Relationship with mind-set, meaning and purpose Relationship with past, present and future Relationship with personality, talent and performance. Each lesson has a mixture of information points, reflective pieces, advice and interactive exercises, where the young person is given the opportunity to reflect on and record the key learnings for themselves in the “Takeaway” section. The Ways to Well-Being workbook also helps young people to: Develop resilience, self-management, problem-solving and communication skills Reflect on their own learning, experiences and personal journey to date Create opportunities to practise well-being and mindfulness activities This workbook is something which each young person should keep with them as it is resource for life which can be dipped in and out of, along with providing the opportunity to reflect back on their journey at various points in the future. About the Author John Doran has worked as a teacher and now Guidance Counsellor in the Patrician Secondary School, Newbridge for over 20 years. He is passionate about education, life-long learning and maximising performance. As the founding chairman of the Network of School Planners Ireland, he has helped create one of the leading professional development platforms available to promote quality teaching and learning. Workbook Features Up to 100 hours of material and practical exercises to engage students Contemporary examples from Irish life for students to identify with Robust hard cover with modern and positive design “What the author has done is to bring the wisdom of psychology, the natural sciences, literature and spirituality to the area of well-being and to do so in a way that is fresh, relevant and accessible,” (Brian Flannery, Jesuit Delegate for Education). Details Pages: 224

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