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Tommy Murtagh
Gill Education
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Caters for students at all levels.

All twenty-two mandatory experiments are dealt with in detail and are placed at the relevant part of the main text.

Each chapter contains suggestions for project work, further experiments, as well as highlighting the relevance of topics to industry and everyday life.

Topics dealt with in a more developed way, in line with the new syllabus, include DNA, genetic engineering, tissue culture and immunity.

Cell biology is given a high degree of prominence, as required by the syllabus.

Learning objectives are clearly stated at the beginning of each chapter.

Exam type questions and summaries are also included throughout.

Contains a guide to resources needed for practical work, and details of the preparation of all solutions.

Additional questions are also available in the separate Biology Now! Workbook.

SKU: 9780717131983
Publisher:  Gill Education
Format: Paperback
Pages: 468
Country of Publication: Dublin, Ireland
Publication Date: 
Size: 277 x 220 x 18

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