X[] New Concise Maths 4 Old Edition

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George Humphrey
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Content reflects the emphasis of the Higher Level Leaving Certificate examination in recent years.

Takes into account new changes in Maths at Junior Certificate level.

Comprehensive revision exercises are included, providing the opportunity to consolidate topics in preparation for the Higher Level exam.

Fully worked examples with step-by-step explanatory notes and commentary.

New Concise Maths 4 is based on George Humphrey's clear and proven teaching methods: - simple and concise language - avoids long explanations, which are best left to the teacher - step-by-step approach to solving mathematical problems - comprehensive worked examples with helpful comments for students - effective use of classroom time - thorough preparation for the exam.

SKU: 9780717133437
Author:  George Humphrey
Format: Paperback
Pages: 310
Language:  English
Publisher:  24879
Country of Publication: Dublin, Ireland
Publication Date:  13 Mar 2003
Size: 247 x 189 x 15

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