A Parent's Guide to Junior Cycle

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Are you the parent of an incoming first year or Junior Cycle student? If so, Are you concerned about your child starting first year in September? Would you like to know how to support your child through the Junior Cycle? Are you aware of the new requirements for the Junior Cycle? If you answered Yes to any of these questions, A Parents Guide to the Junior Cycle is for you. The world of education has changed significantly over the past number of years, particularly with the establishment of the new Junior Cycle. Coming with the new Junior Cycle is a new language which parents need to be familiar with if they are to understand the educational journey of their child in post-primary school. This book was written to explain to parents in a jargon-free way the structure and language of the Junior Cycle. The book originated from the experience of the principal of Kinsale Community School, who developed an earlier version of this publication for parents of students in his school. He felt parents only have their own schooling as a reference for their childrens education, and the education system, and in particular the Junior Cycle, sets very different expectations for students than the Junior Certificate of the past.

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