A World of Wellbeing (Set) JC CSPE (Free eBook)

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Civic, Social and Political Education for the New Junior Cycle. Visually appealing, vibrant design laid out in a clear, student-friendly format with full-colour photos, illustrations and graphs. Each chapter is introduced with learning outcomes, key skills and key words. Covers the three strands central to the CSPE short course: Rights and responsibilities. Global citizenship. Exploring democracy. Contains a wide range of activities and exercises that stimulate creativity, critical thinking, working with others and active learning while also developing literacy and numeracy skills. A variety of activities in every chapter support learning and self-assessment. Includes up-to-date case studies, such as homelessness in Dublin. Provides in-depth suggestions for the Citizenship ActioRecord and a completed sample action at the end of each strand, supported by a. Steps to Action animation with useful advice for students on how to carry out their Citizenship Action Record. Relevant CSPE key skills and Wellbeing indicators are highlighted throughout.

SKU 9781845367763
Publisher Edco Educational Company of Ireland
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