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Free eBook Dont just study business… Be Business! Be Business covers the three years of common level Junior Cycle Business. Containing straightforward explanations integrated with activity-based learning, it skilfully facilitates student learning, planning, investigating and research. Be Business fosters a learning experience beyond the classroom and plants the seeds of enterprise. Each strand is introduced using learning outcomes and key explanations. Dedicated sections are given for each of the three strands: Personal Finance, Enterprise and Our Economy. Each unit is linked to a learning outcome to ensure alignment with the Specification. Units are framed by relevant Learning Intentions and Key Concepts. Key themes such as technology, globalisation, ethics and sustainability are integrated throughout. Time to Think encourages students to think about the bigger picture and relate topics to their own lives. Working with Others tasks offer the opportunity for creative pair and group work. Regular Checking In questions can be used as a form of ongoing assessment and for homework. Easy-to-follow mind maps at the end of each unit link the learning outcomes and are a great revision tool. The Be Prepared sections facilitate students to evaluate their learning and support their progression. Clear success criteria are provided where appropriate. Be Creative, Be Numerate, Be Literate etc. signpost to students the skills they are learning. Material is generated for students classroom-based assessments, Business in Action and Presentation, and links made across topics in preparation for the final examination. A Business Studies key term glossary is given at the back of the book. WORKBOOK The Be Business Workbook, alongside Be Business, helps students to achieve their maximum potential through enjoyable, active and effective learning. There is a FREE eBOOK with this textbook! You will find your unique code on the inside front cover. TEACHER RESOURCES The Be Business Teachers Resource Book provides valuable additional material to encourage active learning and group work such as: o Ideas on how to structure lessons and approach the Specification o Appropriate assessment tools o A variety of practical teaching ideas and strategies o Templates and graphic organisers gives teachers easy access to all the digital material and other supporting resources for Be Business, including: o Excel accounts o Unit PowerPoints o Supports for planning o Videos/podcasts

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