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Caroline McHale
Gill Education
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Don't just study business… Be Business!

Be Business covers the three years of common level Junior Cycle Business. Containing straightforward explanations integrated with activity-based learning, it skilfully facilitates student learning, planning, investigating and research. Be Business fosters a learning experience beyond the classroom and plants the seeds of enterprise.

  • Each strand is introduced using learning outcomes and key explanations.
  • Dedicated sections are given for each of the three strands: Personal Finance, Enterprise  and Our Economy.
  • Each unit is linked to a learning outcome to ensure alignment with the Specification.
  • Units are framed by relevant 'Learning Intentions' and 'Key Concepts'.
  • Key themes such as technology, globalisation, ethics and sustainability are integrated  throughout.
  • 'Time to Think' encourages students to think about the bigger picture and relate topics to  their own lives.
  • 'Working with Others' tasks offer the opportunity for creative pair and group work.
  • Regular 'Checking In' questions can be used as a form of ongoing assessment and for  homework.
  • Easy-to-follow 'mind maps' at the end of each unit link the learning outcomes and are a great revision tool.
  • The 'Be Prepared' sections facilitate students to evaluate their learning and support their  progression.
  • Clear success criteria are provided where appropriate. 
  • 'Be Creative', 'Be Numerate', 'Be Literate' etc. signpost to students the skills they are learning.
  • Material is generated for students' classroom-based assessments, Business in Action and  Presentation, and links made across topics in preparation for the final examination.
  • A Business Studies key term glossary is given at the back of the book.


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The Be Business Workbook, alongside Be Business, helps students to achieve their maximum potential through enjoyable, active and effective learning.




  • The Be Business Teacher's Resource Book provides valuable additional material to  encourage active learning and group work such as:

o Ideas on how to structure lessons and approach the Specification
o Appropriate assessment tools
o A variety of practical teaching ideas and strategies
o Templates and graphic organisers

  • gives teachers easy access to all the digital material and other supporting resources for Be Business, including:

o Excel accounts
o Unit PowerPoints
o Supports for planning
o Videos/podcasts

SKU: 9780717169849
Publisher:  Gill Education
Format: Paperback
Pages: xiv, 546
Country of Publication: Dublin, Ireland
Publication Date: 
Size: 277 x 218 x 25

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