Beginners Irish Dictionary

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Helen Davies
Gill Books
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Beginner's Irish Dictionary consists of a series of double-page full-colour spreads which place the vocabulary in context. These cover such themes as holidays, driving, at the post office, shopping, in the garden, illness, weather and seasons, sport etc. Here the reader can see at a glance basic vocabulary associated with each of these activities.

It also includes a simple guide to Irish grammar which will provide outlines for the beginner, and an alphabetical list of all the words and phrases contained in the book.

Whether you are learning Irish at school, visiting Ireland, or just brushing up rusty Irish, Beginner's Irish Dictionary will make the perfect companion.

Represented in a new paperback edition, Beginner's Irish Dictionary will confirm its place as the bestselling illustrated dictionary for Irish learners.


"Perfect for a child beginning to learn Irish in school or for an adult simply brushing up on the language, the Beginner's Irish Dictionary makes learning easy" - Easy Parenting, Feb 13th 2015

SKU: 9780717165940
Publisher:  Gill Books
Format: Paperback
Pages: 123
Country of Publication: Dublin, Ireland
Publication Date: 
Size: 210 x 150 x 10

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