Branching Out! 2 (Set)

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Branching Out 2 Junior Cycle English for Second and Third Years CJ Fallon. Written by experienced authors and teachers, Branching Out! 2 completes the Junior Cycle course. Addressing all strands in an engaging and lively way, it covers strand units as diverse and interesting as Media Literacy and Film along with the key concepts and practical skills of Reading and Functional Writing. This exciting and lively book fully addresses the three strands of learning: Strand 1: Oral Language Strand 2: Reading Strand 3: Writing A response journal for students accompanies Branching Out! 2. This Books Links with The English Curriculum. It builds on the oral, reading and writing skills from the primary school curriculum, enriching and extending those skills in preparation for Second and Third Year. It advances learning by facilitating language development to enhance students cognitive skills and advances their learning and understanding. It contains stimulating and diverse oral language activities that students will genuinely enjoy, while meeting specific learning goals. It includes literary and non-literary texts (such as emails and web articles) that engage and challenge students through activities that are relevant to their lives and their world. This book promotes an " I Can " attitude in the classroom. It empowers students to take responsibility for assessing and improving their own oral, reading and written work. It develops creativity, and greater competence and confidence in the use of spelling, punctuation, sentence structure and paragraphing. It promotes the use of digital media tools in learning and communication. There is huge scope for assessment of learning. It provides regular opportunities for students to reflect on their work and their progress, and to identify what changes can be made to improve. There are also age-appropriate online resources that parents, teachers and students can completely trust and rely on.

Publisher C J Fallon Ltd
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