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Nina Bawden
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The 40th anniversary edition of Nina Bawden's much-loved Second World War classic.

Carrie and her little brother are evacuated to Wales and billeted at the home of the bullying Mr Evans and his timid sister Lou. Unhappy at home, they love visiting fellow evacuee, Albert, at the farm of Druid's Bottom. Here they meet Hepzibah Green, who knows magical stories, and Mister Johnny, who speaks a language all his own. But then things go wrong and Carrie takes things into her own hands - without guessing the awful consequences.

Nina Bawden was one of the Uk's best writers for both adults and children. She has often used her own childhood experiences in her books - Carrie's War is set in the mining valley in Wales where she lived as an evacuee in wartime. She studied philosophy, politics and economics at Somerville College, Oxford and finished her first novel the year after she took her degree. She won the Guardian Award for Children's Fiction for The Peppermint Pig and died in 2012.

SKU: 9780141345185
Author:  Nina Bawden
Format: Paperback
Pages: 192
Language:  English
Publisher:  24826
Country of Publication: London, United Kingdom
Publication Date:  02 May 2013
Size: 198 x 129 x 13

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