Commercial Law

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Eric Baskind
Oxford University Press
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Commercial Law offers a fresh, modern, and stimulating exploration of this diverse and fascinating area of law. The text provides thorough coverage of all key aspects of the syllabus, including the law of agency, the sale of goods, international trade, and methods of payment, finance, and security. A range of learning features are employed throughout the book to encourage understanding of the law and to demonstrate and contextualize how the principles behind it play out in practical domestic and international commercial transactions. Online Resource Centre Commercial Law is accompanied by a comprehensive Online Resource Centre which offers free access to the following resources: - A test bank of multiple-choice questions - Guidance on approaching the questions posed in the book - Bonus online chapters covering consumer credit, insurance law, and competition law - Further reading lists for each chapter - A flashcard glossary - Downloadable versions of the diagrams from the book
SKU: 9780198729358
Publisher:  Oxford University Press
Format: Paperback
Pages: lii, 755
Edition: Second edition
Country of Publication: Oxford, United Kingdom
Publication Date: 
Size: 244 x 177 x 37.6

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