Dinosaurs Extreme Animals

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Jacqueline A. Ball
Take a journey back in time to the Age of Dinosaurs and discover the most extreme prehistoric animals that roamed our planet. Extreme Animals: Dinosaurs features 20 incredible creatures that lived millions of years ago yet continue to fascinate us today. Detailed facts, statistics, charts, and maps allow the reader to compare and contrast these prehistoric beasts and learn what made them so extreme. Three replica fossil pendants with a neck cord enable kids to wear their favorite dinosaurs after the book is closed, and a double-sided wall poster is the perfect decoration for a budding paleontologist's bedroom.
SKU: 9781626863835
Author:  Jacqueline A. Ball
Format: Hardback
Pages: 48
Language:  English
Publisher:  25814
Country of Publication: San Diego, California
Publication Date:  14 Jul 2015
Size: 229 x 292 x 1
Weight: 0.709000

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