Doggie Gets Scared

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Leslie Patricelli
Walker Books Ltd

Shadows, strangers, thunder and lightning! Sometimes Doggie gets scared. Don't worry, Doggie. Baby is here.
Baby's toy Doggie is scared of many things: shadows, swimming pools, strangers, loud noises. Boom! Good thing Baby is there to help, with a trusty blankie (which sometimes works). Baby also comforts Doggie at nursery and at the playground when Mummy steps out of their sight. But when Doggie himself goes missing, could that be too scary even for brave Baby? Leslie Patricelli gives a fearless new spin to a universal toddler experience - and offers a few suggestions for things that can help the scary go away.

SKU: 9781406393514
Publisher:  Walker Books Ltd
Format: Board book
Pages: 28 unnumbered
Edition: Hardback original
Country of Publication: London, United Kingdom
Publication Date: 
Size: 15 x 176 x 176

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