Early Childhood Curriculum Fetac 6

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Eilis Flood
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Comprehensive and practical textbook presenting an overview of early childhood curriculum, exploring a range of early childhood theorists, their pedagogical principles and how these complement and reinforce the underlying philosophies and themes of Aistear and Sìolta.

  • Explores a range of early childhood programme models, their approaches and how to implement them in both indoor and outdoor settings.

  • Presents the role of the adult as critical to the support of child well-being and belonging through relevant curriculum planning and implementation.

  • Relevant legislation and national practice guidelines underpin the suggested practical application of theories.

  • Details key early learning themes:
    • Early Learning Philosophy
    • Early Learning Environment
    • Early Learning Literacy and Numeracy
    • Early learning arts and culture

  • Presents reflective practice and mentoring as a method of self-evaluation and skills development.

Written For:

The mandatory component of the Early Childhood Care and Education Major Award (6M2007):
FETAC Level 6 Early Childhood Curriculum (6N1944)
And the elective component:
FETAC Level 6 Early Learning Philosophy (6N1932)
FETAC Level 6 Early Learning Environment (6N1933)
FETAC Level 6 Early Learning Literacy and Numeracy (6N1935)
FETAC Level 6 Early Learning Art and Culture (6N1936)

SKU: 9780717156283
Author:  Eilis Flood
Format: Paperback
Pages: 244
Language:  English
Publisher:  24879
Country of Publication: Dublin, Ireland, Ireland
Publication Date:  05 Apr 2013
Size: 245 x 175 x 14

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