Edco Handwriting C Pre-Cursive 1st Class

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Written by Breda Courtney Murphy, creator of the highly popular Mrs Murphys Copies, Edco Handwriting with Mrs Murphy offers an enjoyable graded writing experience for children, enabling them to progress from patterns to letters, to words, and onwards to fluent, legible handwriting. ? Builds fine motor skills by providing a range of digitally-led activities and warm ups that are fun and engaging ? Features a useful pull-out flap to prompt correct handwriting set-up (posture, pencil grip, page position) ? Introduces letters in letter families (e.g. c, o, a, d, g, q) ? Provides a numbered step-by-step guide to letter formation ? Supports letter formation through clear visuals, animated letter formation videos and interactive practice activities ? Is phonetically prepared and includes CVC words, word families, vowel diagraphs, etc. ? Is carefully scaffolded to offer support and progression within and between class levels ? Includes revision and assessment pages in each book ? Features self-assessment on milestone pages to encourage children to take pride in their handwriting ? Encompasses free-writing activities towards the end of each book ? Presents fun, engaging and age-appropriate activities ? Supports cross-curricular learning in a variety of areas (e.g. Gaeilge and SESE) ? Is aligned to the Primary Language Curriculum ? Comes with a free practice copy for Books A and B for further practice and to support home–school links
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