Explore With Me 4 (Set) SESE

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Explore With Me - Fourth Class A New, vibrant and engaging programme that covers all strands of the SESE programme available from Junior Infants to Second Class. Digital Resources come FREE with the adoption of the programme in schools. This easy-to-follow programme, with integrated, free, digital resources encourages pupils to explore, investigate and understand their local environment and the world. History, Geography and Science are given equal attention in the programme, ensuring a thematic and balanced approach to the teaching of SESE. History, Geography and Science explored thematically in one integrated pupil book. Each of the strands and strand units are arranged according to theme; monthly units are organised thematically. There are 6 chapters in each monthly unit: two Science, two Geography and two History for meaningful integration. The thematic approach strengthens pupil learning and supports the reinforcement of the theme. Features a child-friendly layout with colourful pictures, clear diagrams and highlighted sections. The material has been extensively reviewed by experienced teachers and contains differentiated questions for mixed-ability pupils. Key words are highlighted at the beginning of each chapter. Each chapter starts with the Learning Outcomes in the Lets Learn section giving pupils ownership over what they will be learning about. Fascinating Facts sections are included throughout. Lets Get Exploring! activities support skills introduced throughout the chapter. Bright and easily identifiable icons are featured throughout to show integrated digital resources. Many Science chapters include Lets Experiment! sections. The Show What You Know! section contains questions for revision. Features an illustrated child-friendly glossary at the back of the book

SKU 9781845369675
Author Fiona Gaule
Publisher Edco The Educational Company of Ireland
Number Of Pages 224
Publication Country Republic Of Ireland
Condition New