First World War Great Battles

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Scott Addington
The History Press
How much can you really find out about the Great Battles of the First World War in five minutes? This handy little history book will surpass all your expectations and leave you well versed on all you wish to know, and maybe even a little bit more. What was the first battle of the First World War? Or the last? Which was the bloodiest? What about the Allies' biggest victory? Or their worst defeat? Jam-packed with facts, stats and first-hand accounts of the action, all woven together in an accessible way by an expert in the field, this 5 Minute History is a valuable addition to anyone's bookshelf, ready to be delved into at a moment's notice.
SKU: 9780752493213
Author:  Scott Addington
Publisher:  The History Press
Format: Paperback
Pages: 123
Country of Publication: Stroud, United Kingdom
Publication Date:  01 Apr 2014
Size: 174 x 111 x 10

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