In Cold Blood

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Truman Capote
Penguin Books
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One of the greatest non-fiction novels from one of America's most talented writers.

Agent Al Dewey, of the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, has a crime to solve. A horrific crime - the cool slaughter of an entire family of God-fearing farming folk. Blood and hair all over the walls, and only a few dollars missing. All Agent Dewey has are two footprints, four dead bodies and a whole lots of questions, none with easy answers.

Truman Capote's brilliant reconstruction of the events and consequences of the murderous November night in 1959 is a superb and gripping mix of journalistic skill and sheer imaginative power.

SKU: 9780140274189
Publisher:  Penguin Books
Format: Paperback
Pages: 343
Country of Publication: London, United Kingdom
Publication Date: 
Size: 178 x 110 x 32

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