Investigating Physics LC

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Andrew Kenny
Gill Education


Covers both the Higher and Ordinary Level courses with material and questions for each clearly differentiated Chapters follow the sequence of the Physics syllabus

Each area of the syllabus - theory, definitions, formulae, mandatory experiments, demonstration experiments and Science, Technology & Society - is clearly distinguished

End-of-chapter exam-style questions include exam marking scheme

Appendices with definitions, formulae, experiments and laws & principles highlighted


Hundreds of full-colour diagrams and photos bring Physics alive

Concise explanation of concepts

Definitions and formulae highlighted to aid revision

All numeric problems have worked examples and similar questions

Topic checklist at the end of every chapter


All Mandatory Experiments covered

Relevant precautions and information presented with an exam-focused approach

Some Mandatory Experiments described with multiple different methods, including use of data loggers

Demonstration Experiments covered in Section B exam style

Online testing for homework and revision is available for this textbook on the website

SKU: 9780717145881
Publisher:  Gill Education
Format: Paperback
Pages: 513
Country of Publication: Dublin, Ireland
Publication Date: 
Size: 275 x 210 x 20

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