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free ebook Investigating Science is an exciting new textbook for Junior Cycle Science. The inquiry-based approach allows students to actively seek solutions, design investigations and ask new questions as they learn about the nature of science. Key features of the book: Learning outcomes are referenced for the teacher and translated into student-friendly learning intentions. The Nature of Science strand is integrated throughout and referenced in the learning outcomes. Keywords at the start of each unit assist with literacy strategies. Lightbulb questions throughout the units encourage students to explore their prior knowledge. Investigations develop an understanding of scientific processes and how to use evidence to support explanations and develop inquiry skills. Demonstrations can be done by the teacher, but some are easily converted into whole-class exercises. Concise and student-friendly definitions of key concepts present an appropriate level of information. Checkpoint questions throughout the units can be used as a form of assessment for learning (AfL) and as homework. The What I have learned summary at the end of each unit allows for assessment of progress. Question Time at the end of each unit incorporates fill in the blanks, comprehension and inquiry questions. There is a FREE eBOOK with this textbook! Your unique code is on the inside front cover. INVESTIGATING SCIENCE WORKBOOK : FREE with each textbook purchased, this valuable resource provides wordsearches/crosswords and additional questions for every unit in the textbook. TEACHER RESOURCES The invaluable Teachers Resource Book provides support material to enable active, yet focused, lessons and investigations. Unit PowerPoints provide support in the laboratory when undertaking demonstrations and investigations. Including click-by-click solutions to all Lightbulb, Checkpoint and end-of-chapter questions, they are a fantastic classroom aid., our smart, reliable and easy-to-use resources platform, gives easy access for teachers to all the digital material and supporting digital resources.
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