Jill's New Rollerblades

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Jill's new rollerblades - is a collection of 11 short stories of which one in presented in a play format. The stories are titled as follows: Jills new rollerblades, The magic fiddle, A clever boy, Androcles and the great lion, The mobile phone, The witchs cat, Daedalus and Icarus, A night on the island, The haunted house, Ceres and Proserpine and the play Carrot-Nose is afraid of the dark. This book also features Jill's new rollerblades Poems- The poems are titled as follows: Birdman, A baby sardine, The haunted house, Stegosaurus, Sand, There was an old man from Peru, The snowman, Daddy fell into the pond, The Pencil and Well, I never.nn
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