[OLD EDITION] Kingdom 2 (Set) Junior Cycle English (Free eBook)

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Kingdom 2 - Junior Cycle English PLUS Portfolio book Kingdom 2 for Second and Third Year is part of the only series produced for Junior Cycle English since the course was first examined. Free eBook with embedded audio throughout. Thematic Units; Home Is Where the Heart Is, The World Around Me, Tracing My Travels, Courage Through Conflict, Breaking Barriers, Mapping Milestones, Let Freedom Ring, Facing Challenges, Looking Back. Each unit opens with a set of learning intentions and a discussion task to lead students to their own understanding of the theme. Texts, questions and activities reflect the style and approach of the written examination. Maintains features of Kingdom 1 such as Focus On boxes, 3 Up answer technique and assessment structured under the five key headings: Discuss, Explore, Investigate, Understand, Create. Study of poetry, drama and short stories is completely integrated within theme. Extracts and poems are used as a springboard to pose questions related to studied texts. Portfolio Book features creative tasks with space and checklists for redrafting and sample exam-style questions with answer space.

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