Let's Discover Sese First Class With Project Copy

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Lets Discover! is an engaging, stimulating and interactive SESE programme. It comprises child-centred lessons and colourful activities which follow a clear and consistent layout. Each strand and strand unit across the History, Geography and Science curricula is covered in a creative, fun and interesting way. Equal distribution of lessons across History, Geography and Science and an integrated approach to lessons covered. Six lessons per theme, allowing for a spiral approach to the teaching of the SESE curriculum. Comprehensive lesson plans and supplementary materials available for each lesson. Editable long and short-term plans are provided. Comprehensive bank of interactive resources including videos, animations, slideshows, audio, and games. Photocopiable Masters (PCMs) for consolidation and extension activities. STEM: Many activities are integrated throughout the programme to engage learners with the skills of the individual curricula, designed to enable the pupils to acts as scientists, geographers and historians. A range of assessment tools are in use to accurately evaluate pupil learning. A shrink-wrapped Project Copybook for further explorative work.
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