Let's Discover Sese Senior Infants

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Lets Discover! is an engaging, stimulating and interactive SESE programme. It comprises child-centred lessons and colourful activities which follow a clear and consistent layout. Each strand and strand unit across the History, Geography and Science curricula is covered in a creative, fun and interesting way. Integrative and spiral approach to the teaching of the SESE curriculum. Equal distribution of lessons across History, Geography and Science. Interactive resources, stimulating photos and colourful artwork to engage pupils with different learning styles. PCMs for early finishers and extension activities. Comprehensive lesson plans and supplementary materials for each lesson. Aistear: Ideas included in each lesson for easy integration of SESE vocabulary, concepts and skills into daily play. STEM: Integrated activities to engage learners with the skills of the individual curricula, to enable the pupils to acts as scientists, geographers and historians.
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