Map Skills 1 (Set) Skills + Assessment

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Map Skills 1 and Map Skills 2 are activity books designed to foster the development of mapping and graphical skills in Senior Classes, in line with the SESE Primary Curriculum. Map Skills 1 examines the features of Ireland; Map Skills 2 examines various European countries and the countries, cities and physical features of Africa, Asia, North America, South America and Australia and New Zealand. Key features include: Comprehensive information presented in a succinct and interesting format in Fast Facts and Did You Know? panels Try At Home sections that can be assigned as homework Activities designed to be answered by pupils with minimum teacher direction, thereby reducing management difficulties, particularly in multi-grade classes Yearly scheme available Both Map Skills books include a free Map Assessment book shrink-wrapped with the pupils book. These books assess the learning outcomes following the completion of various Map Skills units. Map Assessment 1 and 2 will help teachers monitor and assess pupils learning. They provide a convenient way of recording each pupils individual progress and facilitate the development of mapping skills from one class to the next.
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