Master Your Maths 6

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Deirdre Mulligan
CJ Fallon

Master Your Maths 6 - Master Your Maths is a new series of innovative activity books for primary schools that uniquely combines both mental maths and problem-solving. Each book is based on 30 weeks of the school year, comprising mental maths and problem-solving exercises for Monday to Thursday, along with a Friday test. The questions are varied and increase in complexity as the year progresses. The series provides daily questions where children can develop problem-solving skills. It helps teachers create a classroom culture where children are encouraged to develop as independent mathematicians with strong problem-solving skills. Master Your Maths: Covers all strands and strand units of the maths curriculum. Develops and reinforces mental calculation, concepts and skills. Provides daily practice in problem-solving, which is the key to maths understanding and higher scores in maths. Provides real-life problems where children can see the role of maths in everyday life. Provides Friday test pages to assess learning. Provides assessment record sheets where children can track their own progress.

SKU: 9780714421742
School Level: Primary
Class/Year: 6th Class
Book Subject: Maths
Format: Paperback
Publisher:  CJ Fallon
Edition: 1st Edition
ISBN10: 071442174x

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