Modern Office Technology And Administration (5Th Edition)

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Joan Gallagher
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Fully revised edition of this popular and well-established textbook, which reflects the requirements of the Level 5 modules Information and Administration [5N1389] and Reception and Frontline Office Skills [5N1407].



Unit 1: The Business Working Environment

  • Presents the various legal structures for companies and defines departmental functions within a business.
  • Includes updates to employment, health and safety, and data protection legislation to reflect new EU directives.


Unit 2: Receptionist and Office Administrator Duties

  • Outlines developments in switchboard technology, shared electronic diaries and Microsoft Office Outlook 2013 calendar and task modules.
  • Details recent developments in financial transaction activities.
  • Includes adjustments to payroll calculations and business transactions.


Unit 3: Information Technology Infrastructure

  • Reflects developments in computer hardware and office software - MS Office Professional 2013, database methods, web security issues and viruses.
  • Introduces cloud computing and social computing.


Unit 4: Postal, Electronic and Mobile Communication

  • Presents updates on postal services, charges and online business solutions.
  • Reflects changes in the Microsoft Outlook 2013 email system and advances in mobile communications.


Unit 5: Filing and Retrieving Information

  • Outlines developments in Electronic Document Management (EDM) and security of files through encryption.


Written For:

Information and Administration Level 5 module [5N1389], as part of:

  • Office Administration           5M1997
  • Information Processing        5M2067
  • Marketing                           5M2069
  • Business Studies                 5M2102
  • Business Administration       5M2468
  • Health Service Skills            5M3782

Reception and Frontline Office Skills Level 5 module [5N1407], as part of:

  • Office Administration             5M1997
  • Hospitality Operations           5M2083
  • Business Administration         5M2468
  • Community Health Services    5M4468
  • Tourism with Business            5M5011
SKU: 9780717159680
Author:  Joan Gallagher
Format: Paperback
Pages: ix, 270
Edition: Fifth edition
Language:  English
Publisher:  24879
Country of Publication: Dublin, Ireland
Publication Date:  21 Mar 2014
Size: 245 x 171 x 15

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