Montages Toujours (Free eBook)

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New completely revised and updated edition of the highly popular Nouveaux Montages, combining the authors' tried-and-tested approach with fresh, modern material.

  • Now suitable for Higher Level and mixed-ability classes

  • New exam guidelines section provides a clear map of the exam, detailing marks, percentages, timings and tips

  • Immersive, integrated approach to French: reading, writing, speaking and listening skills are covered in every unit with exam-style questions throughout

    • Reading Comprehensions (Journalistic and Literary) in every chapter, including a glossary of difficult words
    • Authentic Listening Comprehensions including dialogue, interviews and short news items with accompanying transcripts online
    • Extensive cover of oral exam topics with almost five hours of Oral practice material, including guidance and recommendations on the use of a document in the exam
    • Graded exercises on Written Expression moving from personal accounts and diary entries to emails and opinion pieces

  • Grammar exercises on the most important topics in each chapter

  • New topics such as social networks, technology and society

  • Appendix includes dedicated grammar section, numbers and quantities and difficult words 
Author Donal Farrell
Publisher Gill
Number Of Pages 258
Publication Country Republic Of Ireland
Condition New