My Wellbeing Journey 3 (Free eBook)

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The My Wellbeing Journey series provides everything you need to meet Junior Cycle SPHE and Wellbeing requirements.


My Wellbeing Journey 3:

  • Realistically timed, easy-to-use lessons, all developed using the experiential learning model
  • Programme can be used for both the SPHE short course and modular course options
  • Written in line with both the Junior Cycle Framework and Wellbeing Guidelines, with each lesson focused on a different Wellbeing Indicator
  • Up-to-date content with new lessons on topical issues such as sexting, consent, managing stress, and a completely updated RSE section
  • A variety of engaging individual, group and class activities help students develop different elements of the Junior Cycle Key Skills in a meaningful way
  • Learning Keepsakes provide scaffolding to help students develop their reflection skills and support regular communication with parents/guardians
  • Meet the Challenges, linked to specific Learning Outcomes and with clear Success Criteria, help prepare for the Classroom-Based Assessment
  • Unique assessment section helps students plan for and carry out their CBA



  • The My Wellbeing Journey Teacher's Resource Book, which provides invaluable support, including: detailed year plans, important teaching notes for each lesson and advice for teaching SPHE, with suggestions for effective methodologies, games and icebreakers
  • A suite of digital resources, including curriculum-focused videos, PowerPoints and carefully chosen weblinks

Free eBook of the textbook with embedded videos and weblinks (see inside front cover for details). Adopting teachers also get access to a free eBook of the Teacher's Resource Book. Gill Education eBooks can be accessed both online and offline!



Edel O'Brien and Catherine Deegan have many years' experience teaching SPHE at Castletroy College, Limerick, where they developed the activities in this book. They are the authors of New Healthy Lifestyles.

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