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The My Read at Home: New Edition reader series is designed to develop pupils interest in and enjoyment of literature and to enhance their fluency by promoting daily reading practice. Each book contains 30 units. Each unit has four pages and it is intended that pupils will read one page each day (Monday to Thursday) either in school or as a homework assignment. Most topics are dealt with on a single page, though occasionally a topic is split over two pages, to be read on subsequent days. Each page concludes with five Quick Questions to help the teacher to monitor pupils recall and to assess how they compare and synthesise information, thoughts and ideas. As the subject matter of many topics in My Read at Home lend themselves readily to class discussion, many topics can be used as a basis for oral language lessons. Genres My Read at Home covers the genres noted in the Primary Language Curriculum and includes texts which narrate, report, persuade, explain, recount, instruct and justify opinions. Fiction is interspersed with poetry, recipes and crafts, puzzles, biography, history, geography, science and environmental study pieces. The wide variety of writing styles and illustrations throughout the books add to their appeal and enable children to compare, contrast and critically reflect on the intent of different authors and to discuss various interpretations of text across the range of genres. Learning Outcomes My Read at Home is designed to enable pupils to reach as many of the Learning Outcomes for Reading as possible across the Elements: Communicating, Understanding and Exploring and using. My Read at Home will help pupils to: Develop their interest in and enjoyment of literature and reading in a variety of genres. Engage with texts of increasing complexity. Choose, read and critically respond to texts in a range of genres for pleasure and interest. Use a range of word identification strategies flexibly and with confidence when reading instructional and independent-level texts. Acquire a deep and broad vocabulary to facilitate independent comprehension of texts, including subject-specific texts. Identify and discuss features of texts which convey a particular purpose, genre or voice and infer meanings which are not explicitly stated. Respond to the aesthetic, creative and imaginative aspects of texts in various genres and to defend their preferences and opinions. Compare, contrast and critically reflect on the intent of different authors and to discuss various interpretations of texts in a wide range of genres. Read texts in a variety of genres effortlessly and with appropriate pace, accuracy and expression.

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Publisher C J Fallon Ltd
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