New Wave Mental Maths 6 Revised Edition

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New Wave Mental Maths - Revised Edition is a series of seven pupil workbooks from Senior Infants to 6th Class, written to provide comprehensive coverage of mental maths concepts required by the mathematics curriculum. Each book contains a 40-week mental maths and problem-solving programme designed to develop, strengthen and consolidate pupils' mathematical skills and concepts. NEW Features: 'PROBLEM-SOLVING' column in each week's unit of work. Problem-solving questions drawn from a mixture of strands and strand units, incorporating real-life maths contexts and situations. Modern and contemporary layout using subtle colours, which is not distracting or overwhelming for the pupil. Series extended into Senior Infants, with a NEW book containing daily mental maths for the full school year. The 1st to 6th Class books feature: A structured daily mental maths programme for the whole school year; Coverage of all strand and strand objectives applicable to mental maths; Carefully worded problem-solving questions positioned in their own column; pictorial and written representations of problems in both the problem-solving and daily columns; Comprehensive coverage and consolidation of mental mathematics concepts; Practice in speed of recall; Sequential development of mathematical concepts and vocabulary; And opportunities for weekly assessment and monitoring of pupil progress with the 'FRIDAY REVIEW'. Comprehensive Teachers Guide available. Also available: New Wave English in Practice - following the same format as New Wave Mental Maths.

SKU 9781920962449
Author Eddy Krajcar
Publisher Prim-Ed Publishing
Number Of Pages 128 , 128
Publication Country Republic Of Ireland
Condition New