21st Century Business Revise (Free eBook) (Old Edition)

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This new and comprehensively revised edition of 21st Century Business has been written to reflect the changing economic circumstances in Ireland and recent changes in Irish business legislation. The book remains strongly exam-focused and was completed following an in-depth review of all past Leaving Certificate Business papers. The book continues to provide essential evaluations. All laws on the course are evaluated, as well as many other topics. This fully prepares students for a style of question that has appeared on every Higher Level exam paper to date. All syllabus changes regarding laws are included completely updated sections on Data Protection Act 1988/2003; Unfair Dismissals Act 1977/2007; and Consumer Protection Act 2007. All chapters on the economy, taxation and government are completely rewritten to reflect the current economic and political situation. Includes an extensive rewrite of the EU chapter to incorporate recent changes including the banking and euro crises. Provides numerous fully worked examples and step-by-step guides to the mathematical calculations on the course this is another question that has appeared on every single Higher Level paper to date. Use of social networking by business is discussed throughout the revised edition. Real-world business examples continue to be a feature of the revised edition, with new and improved examples provided that will resonate with all students. All concepts explained in a way that is totally accessible to students of all abilities suitable for both the Ordinary and Higher Level courses.
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