Old Edition A L'Attaque!

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Dominique Sénard
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Specifically designed for both 5th and 6th year Higher Level students

Divided into 7 theme-based units which correspond with the syllabus

A practical and integrated approach: the 4 skill areas - reading, writing, listening and oral - are covered in every Unit

Contemporary extracts, songs and photos will engage all students

Grammar is revised at the beginning of each unit in the Déja vu section

Each unit has a Focus Examen with a wide range of exam-focused vocabulary, sentences & guided answers

Each chapter contains Help Panels to teach students how to succeed in the exam

Useful glossary of challenging vocabulary included

The reading, writing & listening exercises reflect the format of the Higher Level exam paper

Includes a free audio CD with original listening exercises. Transcripts are included in the book for active learning.

Online testing for homework and revision will be available for this textbook on the eTest.ie website

SKU: 9780717146345
Author:  Dominique Sénard
Format: Paperback
Pages: 456
Language:  English
Publisher:  24879
Country of Publication: Dublin, Ireland
Publication Date:  01 Apr 2010
Size: 275 x 220 x 20

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