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Basic Engineering Technology - This illustrated, full-colour textbook covers the Junior Certificate course at both Ordinary and Higher Levels. The recently revised edition contains a range of new material, including new diagrams, and provides comprehensive coverage of the course. The book is a market leader because of its thorough yet easy-to-follow approach. Basic Engineering Technology is very well illustrated and in full colour. Basic Engineering Technology provides in-depth coverage of techniques, processes and uses of equipment, thereby helping the development of craft skills, an important aspect of an activity-based technology course. The widespread use of schematic diagrams in Basic Engineering Technology makes the material easy to understand and encourages students to use sketches to convey, explain and record information. Questions at the end of each chapter facilitate the structuring of study and homework, and minimise the need for note-taking. The order in which the chapters are presented does not have to be followed, but their arrangement can act as a guide in drawing up a scheme of work.
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