Romeo And Juliet G+M (Old Edition)

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Tom Brady
Gill Education
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This edition was prepared specifically for Junior Certificate Higher Level. Focuses on the Junior Certificate Examination, giving practical guidance in preparing answers to the type of questions which feature regularly on the paper. Complete text of the play with: - annotations - introduction to each scene - analysis of each scene concentrating on action, themes, characterisation, dramatic effect and language. Provides sample answers on questions dealing with character and scene. Highlights the correct use of dramatic terms and concepts (e.g. conflict, suspense, tension). Develops students' confidence in handling studied and unseen drama questions. Past examination questions included.
SKU: 9780717128228
Publisher:  Gill Education
Format: Paperback
Pages: 208
Edition: Special schools edition
Country of Publication: Dublin, Ireland
Publication Date: 
Size: 244 x 175 x 10

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