Smart Cooking 1 (Old Edition)

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Marita McGeady
CJ Fallon
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Smart Cooking 1 (Junior Certificate and Transition Year) is different: it is not just another recipe book - it is a recipe book with questions for homework and tips and tasks for the culinary skills exam. A spiral-bound text, it is normally used from First Year right through to Transition Year and comprehensively covers the very important cookery section of the syllabus. nSmart Cooking 1 is a compact book with a student-friendly layout, aimed at building confidence in student cooks. nContains timed, basic recipes followed by variations. Plenty of alternatives are included for each recipe to allow for individuality and for the varying food trends in society. Smart Cooking 1 makes healthy cooking easy and fun for students of all abilities and tastes. The questions included in Smart Cooking 1 not only address the Junior Certificate written paper, but also act as a bridge linking the Junior Certificate to the Leaving Certificate course, building resourcefulness, self-reliance and management skills. n
SKU: 9780714416151
Publisher:  CJ Fallon
Format: Spiral bound
Pages: 230
Edition: New Edition
Country of Publication: Dublin, Ireland
Publication Date: 
Size: 24

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