Oxford Learners French School Dictionary (Replaces Chambers Harraps French Dictionary)

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Easy to use french school dictionary. Replaces Chambers Harraps French Dictionary Oxford Learners French School Dictionary for students has been designed specifically for use by English-speaking learners of French, aged 11 to 18, with over 70,000 references and 100,000 translations, which have been compiled with the target age-group in mind. The book has a simple and straightforward structure. This bilingual dictionary for students of French has been designed to give you the maximum help with your studies. Contains over 70,000 references and 100,000 translations Up-to-date and comprehensive coverage of everyday French Special supplement that includes seven pages of helpful maps; information on school and politics in France; and a vocabularly-building section to revise key topics Notes on 'false friends' to help you to avoid translation errors.
SKU: 9780714416168

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