Poetry Focus 2023

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This established and best-selling poetry anthology for Leaving Certificate Higher Level English is the definitive guide to achieving top marks in the 2023 exam. For each poet, Poetry Focus 2023 provides these unique exam-focused features: Critical Literacy notes on each poem include a focused discussion of theme and style Writing About the Poem sections provide sample paragraphs with Examiners Comments, which help students articulate their responses to the highest standard Examination-style Class/Homework Exercises develop effective writing skills Revision Overviews provide summaries and visual memory aids for exam preparation Guidelines and sample questions and answers for the Unseen Poetry question Sample Leaving Cert questions, full essays, plans, marking scheme guidelines and Examiners Comments accompany each poet Poetry Focus comes with a FREE eBook! See the inside front cover for details. Gill Education eBooks are accessible both online and offline. Extra features in your eBook: Audio feature exclusive to Poetry Focus: Listen to Paula Meehan and Derek Mahon read a selection of their prescribed poems Selected key quotes for each poem in pop-up feature Additional sample graded paragraphs on each poet with Examiners Comments support students in developing their personal response Investigate Further feature provides carefully selected weblinks
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