Poetry Now 2018 LC HL

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Poetry Now, our best-selling poetry anthology for Higher Level students, has been completely redesigned and restructured for the 2018 course to make it even more accessible and useful for students. Packed with information on the poems and poets, this textbook is written by one of Irelands best-known poetry anthologists and literary commentators, Niall MacMonagle. Improved, visually attractive format. Exam-useful glossary, invaluable insights and analyses provided for all poems. Biographical information and overview on all poets, emphasising their lives and contexts as writers. Multiple exam-style questions on poems, including general questions on work by prescribed poets. Detailed critical commentary on all prescribed poems and poets. Full list of previous exam questions asked on prescribed poets. Section on the Unseen Poem with guidelines and sample answer. Hints and advice on how to approach the paper. Glossary of literary terms.
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