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Principles of Economics An Irish Text 4th Edition is a Gill and Macmillan publication deals with Ireland and Europe and the fiscal crisis.Updated 4th edition of this successful textbook, which introduces the theory and practice of economics within an Irish and European context, with particular reference to both recent and current economic conditions. microeconomics and macroeconomics. Includes a CD-ROM with interactive graphs, self-test multiple choice questions and interactive lessons/tutorials. New to this edition: New material reflecting the changed economic conditions of the Irish economy resulting from the banking and fiscal crises that began in 2007 Revised chapter on economic growth and the Irish economy, which includesthe banking crisis and the property crash Reflections on the Celtic Tiger era, including causes and consequences New section on the eurozone and sovereign debt crisis New case studies and questions, with answers now available online Continues to provide the reader with a solid theoretical grounding in bothmicroeconomics and macroeconomics Includes a CD-ROM with interactive graphs, self-test,multiple choice questions and interactive lessons/tutorials. Part 1: MICROECONOMICS Chapter 2: Demand, Supply and Market Equilibrium Chapter 3: Elasticities of Demand and Supply Chapter 4: The Consumer and Demand Chapter 5: The Firm and Supply Chapter 6: Market Structures Chapter 7: Factor Markets Chapter 8: Markets and States Chapter 9: Microeconomic Policy Issues in Ireland Part 2: MACROECONOMICS Chapter 10: Measuring the Macroeconomy Chapter 11: The Keynesian Revolution Chapter 12: The Determination of National Income Chapter 13: Money, Interest Rates, the Central Bank and Monetary Policy Chapter 14: A Basic Framework for Macroeconomic Analysis — the IS/LM Model Chapter 15: Open Economy Macroeconomics Chapter 16: Explaining the Macroeconomy — the AD/AS Model Chapter 17: Macroeconomic Issues Chapter 18: Economic Growth and the Irish Economy Chapter 19: Development and Transition

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