Seamless School Book Management Solutions for Schoolbooks Scheme for Junior Cycle for Post-Primary Schools


Book Haven is at the forefront of providing comprehensive book scheme management solutions tailored for Junior and Senior Cycles. With decades of expertise and a dedicated inventory covering all Irish school book publishers, we're here to ensure your transition under Ireland's new book sourcing initiative is smooth and stress-free. Book Haven has the experience and expertise to deliver a turnkey solution to the management of your free schoolbooks scheme for Junior Cycle (and indeed Senior Cycle). We stock and supply ALL the publications of each of the school book publishers in Ireland and Internationally.

Core Offerings:

Effortless Online Management

Via our School Portal, enjoy real-time access to manage pricing, orders, and deliveries efficiently.

Customization at Your Fingertips

From book covering options to student-specific barcode labels and textbook bundles, customize your orders to fit your School's unique needs.

Convenience Delivered

Opt for our Individual Student Parcel service for neatly packed and labelled boxes, ready for distribution to parents.

Book Haven Services

You can choose to place your orders by contacting our sales team directly for a quotation or by logging on to our online portal (see below) which allows your school to effortlessly manage your Junior Cycle Schoolbooks Scheme, with complete oversight of the pricing, ordering, delivery and payment process from start to finish: all post-primary publications and school stationery can be viewed online with your prices automatically calculated on the portal.

You can:

  • View and decide on book covering options (there are currently 3)
  • Opt to have student-specific barcode labels affixed to each text book
  • Choose to order textbook or textbook & workbook sets
  • Choose to order older editions to top-up existing rental stocks
  • Request second-hand copies of titles nearing end-of-life
  • Avail of our school book refurbishment service.
  • Choose how your book order is to be packed: by subject, by class or avail of our Individual Student Parcel option whereby we pack each student's requirements in clearly labelled boxes, neatly palletised and delivered to your school on an agreed date: all that remains is for the school to hand out the parcels to grateful parents on induction day!
  • Avail of our user-friendly and very cost-effective schoolbooks scheme tracking software.

Book Covering Options

  • Speedycover: We machine-cut and weld a tight-fitting durable plastic cover to each book.
  • Hard Cover: We attach a strong adhesive plastic cover to each book which strengthens and protects the book so that it should last for two full junior cycles (6 years) or 3 senior cycles (6 years).
  • Slide-on: We supply or, supply and fit, heavy plastic jackets for each book.

The school’s specific labelling requirements can be catered for before we commence covering the books.

For more information on our post-primary school book management scheme including details of discounts available and access to our portal software, please contact our sales numbers

Sales team: [email protected]

Direct Sales Line: (01) 840 5725

Book Haven School Portal

Request access to our brand new, end-to-end online ordering system. This will provide your school with access (unlimited user accounts) to complete the following:

  • Create Quotations and place Orders online
  • Have your school's digital booklist uploaded on our site so that you don't have to search for anything, it will be there for you all year round for top ups
  • No minimum order value

About Book Haven

We have been supplying primary and post-primary schools since 1984 and stock year-round the publications of ALL Irish and most International publishers in our 30,000 sq. ft. facility in Ashbourne Co Meath. We supply more than 1200 primary and secondary schools nationwide and stock the full range of books, workbooks, stationery and library books likely to be required at all educational levels. Our hardback and soft cover copybooks are of top-quality and our comprehensive range of stationery and requisites includes Stationery , Art and TG packs made up to suit the requirements of post-primary schools.