Shites Unoriginal Miscellany

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A. Parody
Michael O'Mara Books Limited
Weaving an eccentric course between fact-for-fact’s sake and that "display of superior knowledge which is more vulgar than the display of superior wealth," this hilarious installment in the Shite series brings together a mass of arcane, vital, or merely fascinating information. From semaphore signals, flowerpot sizes, and gestation periods for small mammals to Oxbridge colleges and Indian tribes at the Little Big Horn, a cornucopia of priceless snippets that a reader may one day need to know are offered. The list goes on, including suggestions of what to say to Mom on her birthday, sightings of dead celebrities, organ enlargement statistics, and of course, things to do with mashed potatoes. Here, too, is information that will come in handy when you least expect it, from chat-up lines to ways to end a romance and popular irritants to song titles. Bizarrely ordered, insanely edited, and lovingly machine-printed on a substance closely resembling paper, this blend of humor and knowledge provide a superior recipe for instant laughter.
SKU: 9781843172734
Publisher:  Michael O'Mara Books Limited
Format: Paperback
Pages: 160
Country of Publication: London, United Kingdom
Publication Date: 
Size: 198 x 129 x 12

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