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John McCarthy
Gill Education
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New edition of this unique anthology covering the full four-year poetry cycle from 2015 with an integrated approach to Language Skills specifically for Leaving Certificate Ordinary Level students

  • Poems presented in a clear, accessible style allowing student reflection

  • Concise biographies of each poet provide the student with a context for the poems

  • Glossaries of terms included

  • Exploratory questions develop understanding, as the poem is read and re-read

  • Past Exam Questions appear in context, providing real exam practice

  • Comprehensive notes for each poem provided in a separate section allow students to form initial reactions to each poem

  • Includes tips for approaching the unseen poem and sample questions for practice

  • The Poetry section and Paper 1 composing questions are integrated through the Link to Language assignments. This allows students time to cover the full range of writing assignments after they finish each poem


  • Paper 1 is presented in an accessible and progressive way

  • Practical guidelines and sample material illustrate how to approach writing skills

  • Comprehension samples and questions included

  • Important words and terms for the study of English and common exam terms explained
SKU: 9780717155699
Author:  John McCarthy
Publisher:  Gill Education
Format: Paperback
Pages: xiii, 281
Edition: 3rd Edition
Country of Publication: Dublin, Ireland
Publication Date:  22 Mar 2013
Size: 247 x 190 x 13

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